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You'll speak the hoary language of children

In this letter which is undated but which can be dated to the second half of 1922, La Pira expresses his admiration for his friend’s ability to interpret the feelings of the simple people and for his gift of drawing from eternity through his poetry.

(…) before I had wandered before the hollow words of your mendicants, those who are like the swallows and are sometimes seraphically calm.. It just occurred to me that the Plebeians, the great plebe, the poor people, the nobility of the kingdom of heaven have a seraphic language and it is geometric, perfect like the flight of the swallow, like the alms that are given as brethren, beggar to beggar.

(…) Those, the plebes, who sleep in the street and who hide in our hearts, know not the freedom of the bourgeois, world civilisation, the right to take part in political life!! They are as ingenuous as children and they take after your Child that is always before my eyes as an example of Eternity. 

Follow this example yourself and be plebeian, and when you so become and thus are able to speak the hoary language of children, you will have achieved the sublime gift of being able to speak to the hearts of man