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The work of a salesman



This letter to his uncle Luigi Occhipinti (September 1925) is the one that Giuseppe Dossetticalled, in his commemoration of La Pira in 1987, "the first letter."

It is divided into two parts: at the beginning, young Giorgio gives an account of the clients visited by the company's representatives on behalf of his uncle, the accounts settled, the market outlook



Then he moves on abruptly, to talk about the experience he had when participating in a pilgrimage to Rome for the Holy Year: I fervently wanted to be in Rome, along with countless hosts of brothers of each nation who had gathered there to pray at the tombs of the Apostles and in the places that first witnessed the Truth in the world. Rome-the dream of all Christian souls, appeared to me and appears even larger than any human thought: it is a reflection of the unity of heaven, the earthly vision of the heavenly Jerusalem.


And he did not miss the opportunity to ask his uncle to reflect on the problem of Faith, a task that he felt to be a duty, (...) because in front of a soul for which, if not explicitly, but implicitly God's action is the support and defence against all adversity, the fertile sowing of thoughts of moral and selfless charity, I feel a sort of obligation to penetrate everything and every heart with the generous desire for peace