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Waiting for Saturday without vespers-


…the time will come for us too when all our toils are done and the gates of Paradise will always be open! Saturday without vespers, the day with no sunset, what joy and what sweet resignation together.

Because until this day comes, our hearts are veined with holy bitterness, a very sweet sense of weeping that tells us that the Kingdom of God has not yet been reached and so we must continue forward and work yet more!

But walking and working for Jesus is a great celebration, is it not? What does it matter if further sacrifices are asked of us; our whole life is a single, unending sacrifice in which our very tears have a flavour that heralds the tastes and joys of the future century! 

… Let us run, therefore, speedy towards Heaven... Let us discover in our hearts all the energy we can and put it to the service of love. Love is ardent, solid, joyful and generous Love is capable of everything. It is audacious and tends irresistibly towards that last embrace in which creature and creator become one indivisible unit! Unum

(Letter undated: 1936 ?)