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Urgency of the needs, practical interventions



In 1951, La Pira was invited to give the final speech to the Conference of Catholic lawyers on the topic "Christianity and the modern state."

Urged by the progress of the work, he abandoned the prepared text and, leaving aside the theoretical, spoke about his experience as mayor. The text is taken from the recording of the speech and has the immediacy typical of La Pira's speeches: 

(...) Once, when I was younger and I did not have these contacts, perhaps my prayers to the Lord were a little longer and finer, more affectionate. Perhaps there was also a deeper and sharper examination of conscience, but always over things that concerned me, in a certain way. If I had prayed to God, if I had said a few indelicate words ...

(...) At night, in my examination of conscience, I see this population that is waiting for housing, waiting for the job that their physical and spiritual life depends on, or waiting to receive streptomycin ...

(...) And each of us, in our positions, especially if we belong to the ruling class (deputy, senator, minister), must ensure that when the previous architecture of the liberal state fails (...), when the Communist architecture fails, because it oppresses the person (...), we must create the kind of architecture that makes each state a member of the international community of states and make all the problems-economic, financial, technical, artistic, etc.-the problems of all people and of the community of men.