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Unity in the world and among churches

In line with his theology of history (or rather as he often preferred to say with teleo-logy, i.e. the orientation of history) La Pira saw human history as a long pilgrimage (fraught with hesitation, after-thoughts and errors as was the journey of the chosen people across the desert towards the Promised Land) towards the shalom of the Father.

The present day is crucial in treading this path: the danger of the planet being destroyed by nuclear armaments “forces” in a manner of speaking the world towards unity and to overcoming the Machiavelli mentality (see I giovani come le rondini).

At the same time, the Church was becoming more aware of the new tide (see Una città nuova intorno alla fontana antica) and, with the Council it inaugurated a season of meetings and ecumenic dialogue with other religions  and, under Pope Paul VI made irreversible progress in this direction.
This matter is recurrent in many of La Pira’s works, in particular in the letters to the Popes (see, among others the letter "abbatere i muri, costruire i ponti").