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Uniting cities to unite nations


In 1967, La Pira took part in the Paris Congress of the World Federation of Twin Cities (FMVJ) (it was La Pira who changed the Federation's name to the more general and expressive World Federation of United Cities).

At this Congress, where he was elected President of the Federation, he gave a keynote speech which incorporated the theme already developed at the time of the Conference of Mayors of Capital Cities (... The states have no right - with nuclear war - to wipe out, for any reason, this heritage that is the continuity of mankind and which belongs to the future ...) and he developed it by assigning the cities a positive role: 

... to collaborate in the unity of the world, the unity of nations: they want to become united to unite the nations; to unite the world. They want to create a system of bridges. ... If the unity of nations is not yet possible - think of the large voids in the United Nations (China!) - we believe that the unity of cities is possible, their organic connection across the entire planet. 

(...) The unity of cities: the other face - an integrating and in some ways, essential force - of the United Nations (...) intended to renew, reinforcing the base and integrating at the top, the still fragile and incomplete edifice of the United Nations.