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To the two nieces that become nuns


Deux niéces de La Pira, Maria Maddalena et Angela filles de sa soeur Peppina, choisissent la vie consacrée et se font soeurs en prénant les noms de Souer Chiara et Soeur Lina. La Pira lui écrit pour les féliciter et encourager

Two nieces of La Pira, Maria Maddalena and Angela, daughters of his sister Peppina choose to become nuns and take the names of Sister Chiara and Sister Lina. La Pira writes to them to congratulate and to encourage them.


August 20, 1951 S. Bernardo

Dear Maria. 

of course, it is essential, first, to have the internal cell: that is, the intimate attraction that transports our souls and our dwelling to God. 

When this seed of divine life has become strong within us, then the Lord calls us to a more intimate experience and brings us to his work of redemption and love. 

I do not know what to tell you: these are very serious decisions because you must commit your entire existence to them. The grace of the Holy Spirit, meanwhile, gives your heart a greater love of that chaste wedding that makes the consecrated soul one with Christ. 

The Holy Virgin Mary will enlighten, help and bless you. Pray for me. 

La Pira




S. Girolamo Emiliani 

Lina, how good the Lord is! In the souls that are consecrated to him he makes the flowers of the purest union with him flourish: the earth blooms, the soul flourishes, all things flourish; as if we have the presentiment and the foretaste of heaven. 

And in the heart the sweet song of Mary spontaneously swells: My soul magnifies the Lord! 

To keep this joy forever virginal there is only one way: to remain a child within: to have the heart of children, the quiet confidence and joy and purity of children. 

The Lord will give you all the graces necessary so that the spiritual life you give to him is spent devoted to Him and to the creatures that need to be lovingly carried to the Lord. 

I wish you well and hope that Our Lady Help of Christians will always be with you. 

Pray for me. 

In Christ. 

La Pira