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The trade unionists of Pignone

This is how the trade unionists of the Pignone, who in 1953 obtained La Pira’s support in rescuing the most important industry in Florence, narrate the story of those days of struggle:



“For us La Pira turned out to be a precious and unexpected support, without which our mobilization was in danger of being a futile protest. The mayor had realized that it was not just a question of saving a few jobs, but of avoiding the unwarranted closure of a prospering business which was one of the driving forces of the Florentine economy, and could potentially become a star of the whole Italian economy.

For this reason he committed himself to a really tough struggle. It was not a question of an act of charity but of an industrial project in the fullest sense; a project planned and discussed. La Pira spent hours every day with us workers, and together we came up with a plan to save the firm. And Mattei responded not only with his heart, but with the good sense and business instinct which were typical of him.

From those frantic and troubled days was born the great industrial adventure of the Pignone, which at once made its presence felt at a worldwide level. Even today the firm is one of the jewels in the crown of Italian business, setting an example to the whole world.”