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Towards a theology of history (1961)

In this circular letter to the convents La Pira suggests reading the history of the world in the light of holy history. With no illusions about obstacles and difficulties that exist, he expresses his deeply felt conviction that the “home port” of world history is the Shalom of the Father. 

Where is the history of the Church and of peoples going? Where is it going? Reverend Mother, we can now give a clear answer in precise terms. Despite everything and notwithstanding everything, it is going towards a new fullness of the times, towards the “fullness of nations and the fullness of the Jews” (as St, Paul said).

That is, it is going towards historical times analogous to those of Augustus and Virgil, times in which the bodies of the nations will be organically composed in unity and peace and will thus constitute the historic premise and the historical condition sufficient for the rising up in Christianity of all peoples, all nations and all civilizations of the earth “… and they lived and reigned in Christ for a thousand years” (Rev. 20.4). 

What will the weather be tomorrow? Fine weather, reverend Mother, fine weather despite everything and notwithstanding everything. Despite local storms and furiously high seas here and there, the ocean floor is pacified. Christ dominates it. Our ship can courageously set sail again.

The theological hope (which is at once divine and human, celestial and terrestrial, temporal and eternal) is the banner hoisted on the poop of our vessel, raised before the eyes of peoples as a sign of grace, peace and victory: Haec est victoria quae vicit mundum, fides vestra (1 Gv. 5, 4).