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The three pillars of christian civilization


In 1955, "Il Focolare (The Hearth)" the Opera Madonnina del Grappa magazine founded by Don Facibeni published a summary of the conference by La Pira on the kingship of Christ.

This is based, according to La Pira, on three pillars:

The first is Incarnation. With it, Christ becomes the centre of the universe ...all the problems of the cosmic world, and especially the human world, have a direct or indirect reference to Christ and employment issues (employment, underemployment, unemployment, depressed areas, wages, working hours etc..), housing problems, technical problems, cultural problems ...

Second pillar: Christ the author and dispenser of grace. Thus, the human person is assimilated into him. (...) All the person's action is then oriented toward God, in every problem ...

Third pillar: Christ the Head of the Mystical Body. (...) From Pentecost to the present, until the end of the world. 

It necessarily follows, for Christians, that there are social duties which, according to La Pira are summarized as follows:

... A structuring of the states, different from the present one, that is no longer mechanical, according to the liberal practice (everything runs on its own, one just has to "leave it alone"), but aimed, directed, oriented by the rational intervention of the political body. 

The state and the states must intervene directly to ensure that society is built (in its business, financial, social, cultural, and religious applications) to ensure that the human person (related to Christ, in whom Christ's Trinitarian life spreads) has the conditions for an integral expansion. 

This is, in essence, the social kingdom of Christ, which is derived from the three initial premises.