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Theology of history



If the Resurrection of Christ is true (and it is true), if the whole of Revelations (Old and New Testament) is true (and it is true), if Pentecost (and therefore, the founding of the Church) is true (and it is true), then the total history of the world (i.e. of the Church and peoples of the whole earth) has a meaning, a direction and a well-defined purpose: Christ is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end of the total history of the world: history implements a plan in which Christ is the efficient cause, exemplary cause and final cause. World history is Christocentric: this conclusion is inescapable (history is the biography of one person, of Christ, says Fornari). 


The third world war is now physically impossible because if men go to war, they will do one thing: they will destroy the world; they will shatter the earth; they will eradicate the human race! But if this is true, and it is true, there is no way that scientists and politicians cannot agree on it. In fact, they agree, and we can say that for the first time in world history, war (as a means of solving the political and economic problems etc. that divide peoples) is forbidden: the method of war must be replaced by the method of peace, the method of negotiations, the meeting, convergence: in other words, the method that is truly human! 

(from a speech in September 1962)