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Theology of history

La Pira’s shared Isaiah’s concept of labour (“They shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks”) in that the whole of history will mysteriously converge in the “final harbour” of the shalom of the Father. As La Pira saw it, the task of a Christian is to read human history in the light of the perspective shed on it by sacred history. This theme is often developed in the letters to the monasteries of the world.

La Pira held that the “historiography of the profound” was one way of interpreting historical facts and therefore a indication of how to act: intermediation in this transitory phase was essential – lay because the ambit is political and thus devoid of all fundamentalism – performed using political tools. “the river of history flows on implacably through meanders that are sometimes painful towards the estuary of peace, unity and the exaltation of peoples. This is the main point, the star that must guide the politics of States in this final atomic, spatial, ecological, demographic phase of the world”.

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