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Social Justice

The theme of social justice was very prominent in La Pira’s political thought and was an important feature of his activity in particular in the years immediately following WWII. From meditation, the social encyclicals of the Popes, the Codex of Malines, and the preparations that led to Codex of Camaldoli came the commitment of the whole group led by Dossetti which was so influential in drafting the Constitution as well as in stimulating internal debate within the Christian Democrat party.

In La Pira’s thought, the ethical and the political – each with its own distinct identity – were closely bound together, the ethical rooted in the Roman Catholic faith and morale, and the political subject to responsible intermediation of a typically lay analysis.

Despite the risk here of being overly schematic, organisational reasons require that these two aspects be presented separately.


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§  The categorical imperative of charity

§  Policies for social justice