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The second session of the Council (1963)

… this second session of the Council finds the history of the Church and nations radically changed in a certain sense! 

The (initial) unity of the Church, the (initial) peace among nations, the (initial) enlightenment of peoples have in a certain fashion (an initial fashion) crossed thresholds so eagerly opened for them by John XXIII: spes contra spem! 

… Now we must all fully and responsibly absorb awareness of these facts; to define and almost measure the terms of the great dialogue that Christ has launched today through the Church and the Council, not only with the whole of Christendom (the unity of the Church) and the children of Abraham (Israel, Ismael), but also with the whole of humankind and the whole civil world of today (at all levels). 

… when we say these things we do not intend to hide the shadowy areas (very serious) that are still part of world history! 

… This, however, is not the point at issue. It is instead recognising that despite this, or indeed perhaps because of it, the Lord wished to grant a new historic epoch to the Church and to peoples in which peace, unity and light are destined – despite it all – to flourish! 

The peoples are gradually, slowly but inexorably moving towards these gifts that the Lord not only wishes to grant but does indeed grant them! 

And the ecumenical Council began by John XXIII and continued by Paul VI – is indeed the revelatory sign and the means of execution (in a certain sense) of this will of the Father who is in heaven. Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!