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The Round Table of Pentecost

In 1965, La Pira decided to start the surveys necessary for the preparation of a fifth Mediterranean meeting dedicated to the central issue of the Holy Land. He then called a "Round Table" which was held at San Miniato with unofficial leaders of the various sides.
In the notes for his opening speech he expressed his point of view:
Four arguments for peace in the Mediterranean and the world 
The four arguments that have guided and guide "the action of Florence" to build peace in the Mediterranean and the world: 
1) History has a meaning: the Biblical one, revealed by the prophets of the Old and New Testament. 
2) The present period of history and the inevitable encounter, dialogue and reconciliation among the peoples of the family of Abraham: the inevitability of "peace in Jerusalem." 
3) The time of this encounter and dialogue. 
4) The historically most suitable place for this meeting and for this dialogue.
(...)Starting from this premise, the conclusion is this: 
What must the people of Florence and all of you, from the world and every Mediterranean nation, do? Prepare the streets leading to Florence for the people of Abraham to meet, talk and make peace! 
Remove the stumbling block: to promote and make it easy to "go up to the terrace of Florence."

To this end we plan to make the trip called for by the Jordanian government who issued a press release suggesting that the President of the Mediterranean visits Amman and other Arab capitals. To work in every sector, to bring down the wall that still separates the people of Israel from the Arab peoples, and to truly establish peace in the city of peace: in Jerusalem!