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In 1975, when presenting the anastatic reprint of the issues of “Principi”,  La Pira thus described the motives that led him to take that initiative: “We were at the ‘fated Satanic turning-point’ of history (…) [and] we had therefore – if and however possible – to lift up our voices to show up this ‘darkest hour’, this ‘demoniac darkness’ into which was about to fall the history of Germany, of Italy, of Europe and of the world!”.

January 1939 saw the first issue of “Principi”, presented as a supplement to the magazine published by the Dominicans of San Marco, “Vita Cristiana”, so as to elude the censorship of the Fascist regime.

Ten issues of the magazine were published before February 1940, when it was suppressed “for lack of paper”.

Each number starts with an editorial by La Pira himself and includes “readings from the Fathers and the thinkers” which have a bearing on the theme of the editorial and lay its doctrinal basis. There follow contributions by scholars in various disciplines and meditations of a spiritual nature.

We list the titles of La Pira’s editorial articles:


The value of the human person (no. 1 – January 1939)Principi1
The social nature of the human person (no. 2 – February 1939)
Equality, inequality and hierarchy among men (no. 3 – March 1939)
The hierarchy of values (no. 4 – April 1939)
The hierarchy of values in mankind (no. 5 – May 1939)
The hierarchy of social values (nos. 6/7 – June/July 1939)
Principles concerning war (nos. 8/9 – August/September 1939)
The nature of the just war (no. 10 – October 1939)
The lawfulness of the just war (nos.11/12 – November/December 1939)
The value of liberty (nos. 1/2 January/February 1940)