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Politics is a commitment of humanity and holiness




… You can be hungry and have God in your heart! You can be enslaved and have your soul free and comforted by the grace of God! Of course – but this concerns me and not the others – I can thank God for granting me the gift of hunger, persecution, oppression, injustice, false witness etc., but if my brethren should find themselves in such a condition, it is my duty to step in to help them.

If I fail, the Lord will tell me in words of fire on the day of judgment: "I was hungry and you did not feed me; I was imprisoned and you did not visit me!” Is He referring, perhaps, to purely individual works? To these, too, but not exclusively to them. Within the ability and possibilities of each one of us, this duty of love includes social change.

... Do not pronounce that usual sentence so devoid of serious meaning: Politics are ugly'! No! political commitment, that is first person commitment to a Christian-inspired construction of society in all its regulatory construct commencing with economics is a commitment of humanity and holiness.

It is a commitment that ought to channel the efforts of a lifelong all woven round prayer, meditation, prudence, fortitude, justice and charity