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Our social vocation



“Our social vocation” was published in 1945 two months after the end of World War II.

It was a re-presentation of a series of conferences, articles and essays prepared in previous months, and lessons on social doctrine held during the previous year in the Lateran University.

(In that perod La Pira was living in Vatican City where he had taken  refuge to escape the fascist police).

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The important element is that this volume is one of the earliest publishing initiatives of Azione Cattolica after the war and it explicitly marked the organization’s taking sides and its determination to suggest to its followers the need to take part in the construction of the democratic state.

The book has been published by AVE, Roma

(first edition 1945, second edition 1964, third edition 2004 with an introduction by Massimo De Giuseppe)

A Spanish translation has been published by Ediciones Paulinas of Buenos Aires (1963)

Here some parts can be read:

§ Politics is a commitment of humanity and holiness

§ Leave the closed garden of prayer

§ Person and society