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North-South relations and decolonisation

A substantial part of the Third and Fourth Mediterranean Meetings (of 1961 and 1964 respectively) were devoted to the issue of the decolonisation of Africa; La Pira focussed the spotlight on the issue of Algeria in particular (see Pius XII/Algeria and Arab world). The talks in Evian that brought the war in Algeria to an end were effectively begun in Florence, just as Florence was the nursery for the “solidarity-based development” agreements with Morocco .
More in general, La Pira’s thoughts and actions were more concerned with the issue of development, self-determination and relations between the developed world and the countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa because … despite all the drawbacks of sin, history is intrinsically made and oriented  towards unity, peace and the liberation of all the peoples of the earth.
The “path of Isaiah” therefore, begins with beating swords into ploughshares, from expenditure for destruction towards expenditure for development: …all men and all peoples are equal, the earth belongs to us all. In a sense it is a res communis omnium.( …) from war to peace and from injustice to justice: this is the counter-move – the inevitable sign of this “utopian era” in history. The new name for peace is progress
. (Speech in Dakar).

And again: …This present era of history is not only marked by the impossibility of war and the inevitability of negotiations  …but also by the liberation of the peoples of Latin America, Africa and Asia! These new peoples …are swift in making their appearance in history and become the essential leaders of new world history  (Speech for Mons. H. Camara).

The quest for peace and détente among superpowers not as a mainstay of “constituted disorder” but as a move towards …a new methodology of liberation … fitting with the atomic, spatial and demographic situation of the new history of the world