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The new generations and the historical navigation of the world



In 1968, the youth protests, in Europe and, in United States were becoming more widespread.

In France there was the students' "French May." In Czechoslovakia, the "Prague Spring" was beginning. In the US, Johnson declines to run for the presidency again, ceases the bombing in Vietnam and agrees to reopen peace talks.

In this season of hope (dashed a few months later with the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and the hardening of the American positions) is the letter that La Pira wrote to Pino Arpioni and the boys of the Opera Villaggi per la Gioventù on the "younger generations and the historic navigation of the world."

In it, La Pira offers the letter of "the signs of the times" in the framework of a purposeful vision of history and concludes with:

So I close, dear Pino: with the hope that - at least in the future - it will flourish again! 

What should we all do? 

Becoming aware of this new historical world situation (look up and see, says the Lord).  Pray often for the Lord's religious and historical plan of salvation to be carried out in the world (Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven).

Work with decisiveness and intelligence at all levels (political, scientific, technical, economic, social, cultural and spiritual) because wherever the boat is launched, the human race not only does not sink, but moves ahead with increasing speed to the port of peace, disarmament, development, unity and the civil and spiritual fostering of people around the planet.