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Mistery of Christ, mystery of Mary


(...) The basic premise that should guide our research, the essential line that governs the entire architecture of the Incarnation, and therefore the Redemption, is this: given the place that the essential humanity of Christ occupies in the economy of Christianity, intrinsically linked to it, as an effect of the cause, is the whole sacramental system and therefore the whole mystical Body, and then the entire circulatory system of grace.  And because Christ's humanity is the humanity of Mary [Mater Dei, Mater Christi] the mysteries of Christ's humanity are rooted in a certain way in the humanity of Mary and also in some way, in the mysteries of Mary's humanity.

(...) Is the life of Jesus made up of a series of mysteries that surround the resurrection and ascension? Well, the principle of solidarity and correlation between Christ and the Mother allows us to establish that Mary's life consists of a complex analogy of mysteries that surround the Assumption into heaven of Mary's virginal body.

he supernatural ontology - I would say almost - questions this assumption of the Mother of the Word: the architect who "built" the ascension could not –I would say ardently- not build the assumption: one requires (in a certain way) the other: the first is not full (so to speak) if there is not the second: where there is Jesus, there is Mary! 

(...) The Marian theology develops and will always develop the correlation principle between the ministries of Christ and those of Mary.  This mistery of the Assumption placed in essential relation to the Resurrection and Ascension will cast a very bright light on the sweet mysteries of love and redemption!