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In La Pira’s perspective, the construction of peace (which for a man of faith meant proportioning the walls of terrestrial cities with those of the celestial Jerusalem), cannot but have its fulcrum in peace in the Holy Land.

This concept emerges very clearly in La Pira’s speeches and actions since the first Conferences  and from his letters to Pope Pius XII.

In addition it was probably the reason behind the Mediterranean Meetings ( and all the speeches La Pira repeatedly made in successive years ) and up to his death. One of his last works was the message to the Euro-Arab Conference in February 1977 that he so warmly supported .

The peoples of the three great monotheistic religions (the three-fold family of the Patriarch Abraham) are destined to meet on this Mediterranean sea which has become the modern-day’s Tiberias  lake. For La Pira, this was part of a unification plan that everyone was called upon to make a contribution to.