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Mediterranean Colloquies



It is known for a fact that the importance of the Colloqui Mediterranei [Mediterranean Colloquies] consisted more in the meetings that the event made possible than the official speeches that were delivered.

con Maometto V

Indeed, the Florence meetings made it possible for two sides of a conflict (French and FLN Algerians; Israelis and Arabs etc) to meet informally under the pretence of participating in an event of a cultural nature.

As La Pira was used to say “the important business was conducted during the coffee breaks.”.

Some quotations from the speeches of La Pira are to be found here:

Opening speech of the first Colloquio Mediterraneo

Concluding speech of the third Colloquio Mediterraneo

Speech delivered at the fourth Colloquio Mediterraneo


For a basic chronology of the Mediterranean Colloquies,




For further documentation and detailed information on the history of the Colloqui Mediterranei see the volume:


Marco Giovannoni: Il grande lago di Tiberiade - Lettere di Giorgio La Pira per la pace nel Mediterraneo , Polistampa, Firenze 2006