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The marriage of his sister




In 1930, La Pira's sister, Giuseppina (Pozzallo 1908-1980), married Giuseppe Angelino. The letters written on this occasion to his sister and future brother in law (who he had not yet met) reflect the spirituality of La Pira


(...) So in thoughtful prayer, you will feel the great joy that being Christians gives us. And always be a Christian: in dressing modestly, choosing your words carefully, loving your husband purely and faithfully, and in feeling a great and Christian love for your children. 

So, amid the difficulties that life does not fail to offer us, you shall be like a boat tied securely to the unbreakable rock that is Jesus. All the wildest waves can never kill either you or your family, because when Jesus is with us, we are souls full of strength and no one will defeat us (...). 

(...) I want to tell you something: never have human respect: never worry about what people say, but only what your conscience tells you and what God will judge you for. If your conscience reproaches you, then do not ever, at any cost, do that thing that people would like you to do. Because to have moral rectitude, you must despise riches, honour and esteem. In honoured work, in hard sweat you will find the joy of inner peace that the Lord gives to those who are struggling for honesty in life.