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Letters home

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Giorgio La Pira's letters to family members were particularly numerous in the pre-war period. They cover the most diverse subjects, but with a clear line that unites them all: the anxiousness to transmit his own Faith, full of joy and hope, combined with deep gratitude for all that the family has given him.

There are two published collections of these letters:

 G. La Pira, Lettere a casa (1926-1977) (Letters home) , edited by Dino Pieraccioni, Milan, Vita e Pensiero 1981.

G. La Pira, Lettere alla sorella Peppina e ai familiari (Letters to his sister Peppina and family members), edited by L. Rogasi, Milan, Vita e Pensiero 1993.


In this section you will find:

§  Letters to aunt Settimia

§ Letters to uncle Luigi

§ To his sister Peppina

§ To cousin Pierino

§ To the two nieces that become nuns