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Leave the closed garden of prayer

… Our “programme” of sanctification has been upset; we believed that the silent walls of prayer were sufficient! We believed that closed within the internal fortress of prayer we could stay apart from the problems that were troubling the world.

But no sir! We find ourselves caught up in a series of issues that are sometimes invincibly hard; a situation that tells us that Jesus’ cry “ you will have tribulations in the world – take up your cross and follow me” is not a mere expression of piety.

Leave the closed garden of prayer behind but let the bottom of your heart stay bound to it … Prayer is not enough; the interior life is not enough. This life needs to construct external channels for it to circulate in the city of man.

We have to change society!

… “Alms” is not everything. It is merely the introduction to our duty as men and Christians. Works organized by charity are not yet everything – they are a significant step in the right direction of  fulfilling our duties as men and Christians. We may consider our duties as men and Christians fulfilled only when we have worked directly or indirectly to endow society with a juridical, economic and political  framework adequate to uphold the principal commandment of charity