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La Pira speaks of San Procolo

On a number of occasions La Pira spoke about the San Procolo experiment, stressing its symbolic importance as well as its function as a stimulus to Christians to live a life consistent with the faith they professed. 

“That structure of the Holy Mass at the Badia, understood as a Communion in Christ of all the creatures endowed in their different ways by God, must remain the central idea of our work: because what is the fundamental necessity of our time? What indeed is the core idea of Christianity, the central organic necessity, the idea at the centre of community living? The Eucharist, which is the core of Christianity, the sacrament of unity; in this we bring together the diversely dressed stones that are destined to be part of a single building.”

(...) An exchange of gifts, a school of charity, the ability to combine an overall vision of the world’s problems with attention paid – here and now – to the needs of one’s brethren."

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