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La Pira and Cardinal Dalla Costa



     Il Card. Dalla Costa incontra i sindaci (1955)-2  Il Card. Dalla Costa incontra i sindaci (1955)  Il Card. Dalla Costa incontra i sindaci (1955)-3



La Pira met Cardinal Dalla Costa sinc his first years in Firenze. He had the greatest respect and admiration for his charisma. From his side the Cardinal considered him among his closest friends. In some periods, La Pira used to visit Dalla Costa every evening, to have a simple dinner with him, to spend long time in discussing and commenting what was going on in the city, in the Church, and in the world. The Archibishop inspired him in the interpretation of history in the light of the Bible.

In 1951 La Pira accepted to run for the the elections of the mayor of the city, following Dalla Costa's suggestions and insistence. In 1956 he is again candidate in the list of DC and obtains a success of unexpected proportions. The Cardinal wrote in the official Bulletin of the Diocese that "it is impossible to deny that the victory obtained by the DC is essentially due to Giorgio La Pira who suceeded in proposing a truly evangelic programme, where the care of the weakest citizens has high priority" and added "He never attacked those who used all the weapons to defeat him: it is true that one harvest what has seeded. .... He applies the Gospel's word "who has two mantles, should give one of them to those who have none". nd his programme "No dismissals, no strikes" is nothing but the application of the principles of the christian social ethics"