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Jerusalem and the peace of the world

At the end of 1967 La Pira, accompanied by Giorgio Giovannoni, travelled to the Holy Land and Egypt (where he subsequently met Abba Eban and Nasser) repeating the journey of ten years before: we have, today as yesterday, tried to build a bridge of prayer and reflection on history and politics between the opposing factions that so severely separate nations of brothers (the family of Abraham!) in the Middle East.

In an article La Pira presents and argues his thesis based upon the strategy of dialogue:

(...) Can the Mediterranean, along whose banks these people live, not go back to being - it is its destiny! - a key historical, spiritual and political centre of attraction and gravitation for the new history of the world?

Why not start, right here, from the Holy Land, the new history of peace, unity and civilization of the peoples of the whole earth? Why not overcome with an act of religious and historical faith, and therefore also political, in this Mediterranean and world perspective, all the divisions that still so seriously disrupt the unity of the family of Abraham, to start, right from here, that 'inevitable movement to embrace peace for all peoples of the earth and to build a new age of quality (a quality leap!) in the history of the world? 

(...) Breaking down the walls and building bridges ...