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The expectances of the poor people



Immediately following the victory of the Christian Democrats in the general election of 18 April 1948, the disciples of Dossetti, the co-called “professorini [minor professors] became fully committed to changing the anti-communist front into a project of social (as well as economic and political) change. 

Their battles were published in the journal called “Cronache Sociali [Social Chronicles]”.

The first edition of the new series of 1950 (established in 1947 the journal was published until 1951) contained an essay by La Pira entitled “L’attesa della povera gente [The expectances of poor people]”

Based on the premise of Christian ethics (…the unequivocal document of the presence of Christ in a soul and in society was defined by Christ himself. It is constituted by the intimate and effective “leaning” of that soul and that society “towards” creatures in need!), La Pira conducted an analysis of the postwar economic situation in Italy beginning with the problem of unemployment: (unemployment is consumption without the corresponding production…) concluding with concrete suggestions – indeed authentic challenges for the economic and political policies of the government.

The article unleashed violent disagreements in the Christian Democrat Party and in its allies in government.

La Pira resumed the issue with yet another essay, again published in “Cronache Sociali” entitled “La difesa della povera gente [in defence of poor people]” in even more vigorous terms (…it is useless to propound, point out, show that part of the system is healthy and vigorous and that the lira is healthy and so on. The economic and financial system is indivisible, the diagnosis is what it is and judgment on its continuation can only be this: it cannot and must not last any longer ….)