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Easter 1924


… Why not receive the God who for love has hidden in the guise of bread in your “blessed” soul? What ineffable sweetness, believe me, for the souls who in faith and desire approach Holy Communion. It is a new dawning of life. I shall never forget that Easter of 1924 when I received the Eucharist of Jesus. I felt such a full innocence flowing through my veins that I could not hold back from singing and feeling infinite happiness.

Here then is my call, which is the same call of Jesus and Mary: if you want, tomorrow morning (at 6 or 7), we could meet at the  Church of SS.Salvatore-near my house, by the Salesians- and share the mystic banquet. The bread of God which we will receive is the sacred cement of our friendship. S. Augustine says, speaking of the Eucharist o vinculum unitatis! And  S. Thomas: o sacrum convivium, in quo Christus sumitur, recolitur memoria passionis eius, mens impletur gratia et futurae gloriae nobis pignus datur!

If you agree, put up, since tonight with desire, and in the morning, getting up, fill with joy and sing your heart: that when Jesus comes to take possession of your physical wellbeing, your soul is in the purity of the peaks makes Grace in the soul a sight of joy to the angels and men. Spectaculum Angelis et hominibus.

Forgive me, dear Toto, if the affection prompts me to ask even more to your soul but I'm sure it will open a new page in the book of your intimate story.

I embrace you with endless love in  Jesus Christ .



(from a letter of 1931)