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Don Sturzo-dare ordine e finalità all'economia


Rev. Don Sturzo,
You ought to undergo the experience – the real-life one! – that falls to the lot of the mayor of a city of 400,000 inhabitants with the following “clinical file”: 10,000 unemployed (…): one great firm collapsed four months ago (Richard Ginori with 950 dismissals); luckily we don’t have to mention the Pignone; other firms with dismissals in progress (Manetti & Roberts) or with the “temptation” to dismiss (I mention no names so as not to make trouble!).
… A “statist” intervention? Call it what you like: labels matter little, but intervene we must: to “intervene” is the very precept of all Christian and human morality: to get down off our horse, to tend the wounded person – even if an enemy – and, if necessary, pay the costs as well.
So then: what are we waiting for – even without “nationalizing” it – to bring order, regulation and purpose to the whole Italian economy, steering it towards that “stability” which is the goal already achieved by all healthy economies? What are we waiting for to create the right instruments for an economy capable of facing the economic situation and putting full employment into effect?
(G. La Pira to L. Sturzo, 20/05/1954)

... the economy with all its technical and financial structures is a means and not an end: the end is to assure people – the value of the person! – of a job, of dignity, of a living!
(G. La Pira to Angelo Costa, 30/04/1954)

... As you know, everything is epitomized in Christ: even the economy! Indeed, the more the economy is made part of him – by means of our asking for our daily bread – the more it is an integral part of the divine fatherhood!
(G. La Pira to Angelo Costa, 30/04/1954)