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Dogmatic standpoints

Christ is the true Mediator, who by his sacrifice draws all humanity to Himself. He is the Word which by taking on human nature reconciles the world to God by means of the Cross. He is the centre of history. He is Alpha and Omega. The Son of the living God (go to Su tre pilastri).

Mary is the exemplar of redeemed humanity, She who first and more directly than all others experienced the redemptive power of Christ. Mary has a special closeness to Christ, which she experiences as his mother, physically and spiritually united to him. Mary is the emblem of the faithful remainder of Israel waiting for the Messiah, she is the privileged standpoint of those who entrust their only hopes to God (go to Mistero di Cristo e di Maria).

The Church is the sacrament of unity, is the authoritative interpreter of the “signs of the times” which increasingly make manifest the impulse towards unity, and works towards the fulfilment of the mystic body of Christ. The redemptive power of Christ operates in real terms through the Church and acts to the benefit of all men who in deed or in potential are associated with Christ.