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Decree of inauguration of the diocesan commission

The fame of the scrupulously honest life of Giorgio La Pira is very well known, and after his death many applications were presented to begin a process to express an in-depth judgment on his life, his conduct, and the many activities he carried out.

When a formal request dated 6 October 1984 was presented to us in which Postulators Fr. Innocenzo Venchi O.P. and Fr. Antonio Cairoli O.F.M. had incorporated the many petitions, we willingly received the request, and after lengthy reflection, since Giorgio La Pira’s life seems to merit high consideration, in accordance with the Holy Canons and in particular the tenets of the "Divinus perfectionis Magister" Apostolic Constitution of 25 January 1983, pursuant to the affirmative vote of the Tuscan Episcopal Conference with this Decree


Appointing and delegating the most Rev. Mons. Attilio Piccini Associate Judicial Vicar of the Etruscan Regional Ecclesiastic Tribunal. as Delegate Judge to the Office of Promoter of Justice we do hereby appoint the most Rev. Mons. Gino Bonanni
who performs the same office in said Tribunal.
To the Office of Actuaries Mr. Mario Bossi, Fr. Mario Conticini and Sister Giuseppina Angotti.
We entrust to said Delegate Judge the task of appointing the experts in history and archives to be designated as soon as possible in order to collect and grant authenticity to the documents, writings and letters by said La Pira.
The most Rev. Delegate Judge will swear before Us to carry out the task entrusted him faithfully and to keep the secret; all the other members of the Tribunal shall swear the same oath before said Delegate Judge.

Given in Florence on this 9th day of January 1986 in the Palace of the Archbishop

Silvano Card. Piovanelli