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The crisis and the role of the cities

At the Council of European Municipalities, held in Venice in October 1954, Giorgio La Pira on the 20th of the same month, made this speech in which he clearly expressed the vocation of peace in European cities 

(...) Gentlemen, I ask you: Does one of the main causes of this crisis - a crisis that affects the basic concepts of the human person, human society, human history - not lie in the crisis of the city? 

Crisis of displacement, as has been rightly said, displacement of the person from the city, from which the person draws perfection and a sense of measure! 

Because the human person is somehow defined by the city in which he puts down roots - like the plant from its field. 

The city with its measures, its temple, its houses, its streets, its squares, its workshops, its schools, falls somewhat under the definition of man! (...)

City - measure: this is what the cities of Europe are. And their permanent vocation lies in this very valuable measure that they are destined to spread over all the continents and to hand down to future centuries and future generations (...)