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To the Congress of Christian Democrats (1954)


La Pira addressed the fifth Congress of the Christian-Democrats La Pira (Naples 1954) saying 


(..) My friends, what is the task of a ruling party of democratic and Christian inspiration? The answer is, as regards its principles, found firmly and clearly set down not only in the Gospels but in the social Encyclicals of the Popes, From Leo XIII to Pius XI and Pius XII.

Above all with attentive mind to discover this leavening hope of the history of the present. Through love to perceive its immense religious, ethical and political value. To elect it as the aim and goal of our actions. And, finally, to steer it so that it is translated into economic, technical, social, cultural and political organisms fit to achieve it. To steer with all the boldness and decisiveness of Christopher Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci, not with the idle weariness of the castaway drifting with the current.

There is no need here to go into details. You know, friends, that the most up-to-date economic and political instruments have, on this exact matter, achieved organizational faculties of incalculable value. The instrument of full employment – with all the economic, financial, political and social apparatus which it involves – in the greater part of the free world has given and continues to give truly miraculous results.