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Closing speech of the fourth Colloquio Mediterraneo (1964)



This fourth Colloquio has been the announcement of liberation from the evil racial oppression that the black people of South Africa have been subjected to, liberation from all the forms of discrimination that the Kurdish minority has been subjected to (peace in Iraq is a happy harbinger of this). There is also the hope and the announcement of an irresistible process of thorough destalinsation in the Soviet Union and the socialist countries.

Furthermore there is a process afoot that must lead to the elimination of anti-Semitism and state atheism which constitute a now antiquated form of religious, political and civil intolerance as well as a serious breach of a person’s basic human rights which may not be violated for any reason whatsoever!

And lastly, my dear friends, despite all the indications to the contrary, this fourth Colloquio is also a hope and the announcement of an answer (at least on the horizon) of the Arab-Israeli conflict which the new historical era has unequivocally gone beyond, a conflict indeed dead and buried. All these will be topics tackled in the fifth Colloquio next year, the seventh centenary of the death of Dante, meaning that the words of the divine poet (in De Monarchia) which say that the aim of history is peace and unity and the civilisation of mankind will become new and up-to-date!

Florence tells you again, remember, your are its sons and daughters, ideally registered citizens, part of its history its destiny, its mission. The city is – vicarious to Jerusalem – appointed by God for this, namely announce the blessing of peace to the descendents of Abraham in their home, and in all the homes and to all the families of mankind!