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The boundless desire to love him and for him to be loved boundlessly



In a letter to his aunt, La Pira had already written that he saw his calling in the commitment to lay matters:

There is no doubt that the Lord has endowed my soul with the desire for the grace of the priesthood. It is just that he wishes that I remain in lay garb in order for my work to be more fruitful in the lay world far from Him. The finality of my life, however, is marked – to be the missionary of the Lord in the world and this apostolic work is to be carried out by me in the conditions and surroundings that the Lord has placed me in”. 

In this letter to Sister Teresina he wrote this sentence with great simplicity which rightly has been taken as the synthesis of his life:

… I am not a priest as you had supposed. Jesus did not and does not want this of me! I am merely a young man to whom Jesus has granted a great grace: the boundless desire to love him and for him to be loved boundlessly.