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Anthologies of La Pira's writings

Image There is  a vast number of books in which writings of La Pira’s (speeches, essays, letters, articles, passages taken from books etc.) have been collected and published, especially after his death and often furnished with one or more introduction or other apposite dissertation.

We have divided them into two types, according to whether La Pira’s texts made up the chief bulk of the volume or otherwise. On the basis of this distinction, which may in fact be in some measure arbitrary but is dictated by practical considerations, we include in this section only the former (prevalence of La Pira’s own texts) .

Those publications which include contributions by La Pira but in which the main bulk consists of essays, speeches and other contributions by various authors are listed in section Writings about La Pira

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Other anthologies of La Pira’s works are to be found in  “La Badia”